Inspired by Mr. Abubakarr Bangura

With IOM's help, an ambitious entrepreneur living in The Netherlands temporarily returned to his country of origin, Sierra Leone. There, he aimed to make the Institute of Advanced Management and Technology (IAMTECH) the leading educational body on ICT, Entrepreneurship and Research in Sierra Leone.

During Abubakarr's CD4D assignment many achievements were made...

Inspired by Abubakarr, a one of a kind national workshop on ITC, Entrepreneurship and Research was hosted by IAMTECH and coordinated by other institutions such as FBC, IPAM, MMTCE and EBK University.  

The turnout was impressive and the impact immediate...

What's more, networking events also took place in which a database of forty businesses were identified to bridge the gap between academia and practices in the private and public sector. The idea is to link organisational needs with student research, therefore creating a 'hands-on’ teaching approach, which is welcomed with open arms by lecturers and students.

IAMTECH is now on the list of the most pioneering educational institutions in the country.

Abubakaar plans to return in July to keep up the good work and help implement an incubator at IAMTECH which will assist students from different faculties to develop business models and turn their ideas into profitable businesses and further contribute to the development of Sierra Leone.