The #datasaveslives story

The Farr Institute conducts health informatics research across the UK through cross-centre collaboration.

Through the safe re-use of data The Farr Institute is improving health and health services for the benefit of patients and members of the public.

Public understanding and support for the use of health data in research is mixed.

The #datasaveslives campaign was launched in 2014 to highlight the positive impact that data-led research can have on public health.

The hashtag #datasaveslives is used as a reference point that unites case studies, publications, news stories and support for the use of data in research in to a digital library of evidence.

To launch the campaign representatives from academia, research, the NHS and industry were asked to pose for a photograph holding #datasaveslives signs.

Scores of researchers, professionals, clinicians and patients have now pledged their support for the campaign.

#datasaveslives is being supported across The Farr Institute.

Representatives from AstraZeneca, MSD, WHO, University of Western Australia, the University of Michigan and the University of Calgary are also supporting the campaign.

#datasaveslives campaign: why data is important

Our aim is to take #datasaveslives further by increasing the number of case studies and testimonials from researchers outlining why they use data and the impact of their work.

We would like to open up the debate with patients by going out and finding out their concerns and publicising support where appropriate.

We hope to engage with relevant civic leaders and government initiatives such as DevoManc to support the use of data sharing and to hold a proper debate about governance and the role of health data in advancing public health.

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