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November 2016

Several new goodies and projects are near completion (including the new website) and the office is abuzz with anticipation.


We are almost ready to release our next limited-edition sculpture. Table Tonal II is an exact replica of an original, 1970s Harry Bertoia sonambient in the Foundation's collection—a single row of 25 rods with cattail tops and a resonant tone that lingers. The replica should be ready by early next year. 

If you are unable to afford the five-figure gallery/auction prices of an original Bertoia tonal sculpture, here is your chance to experience Sonambient in your own home at an affordable price, and to be a part of the Harry Bertoia legacy by supporting the work of the Foundation.

Harry Bertoia's Sonambient label has been relaunched!

Important Records, in conjunction with the estate of Harry Bertoia, is pleased to announce the re-launch of Harry Bertoia's Sonambient label in order to release selected unheard work from Bertoia's vast archive of recordings. Harry himself created the Sonambient Label to release his original eleven albums. Now Important Records is picking up the baton where it was dropped almost forty years ago.


Whether or not you had a chance to view Jeffrey & Miriam Eger's 16-minute documentary, Sonambients, at the New York MAD exhibition last summer, you will soon have an opportunity to own it and watch whenever you like. A limited edition (of 500) release is scheduled for early 2017.

Shot in January, 1971, this film has spectacular footage of Harry Bertoia in the Sonambient Barn. Harry speaks of his inspiration for Sonambient as a child in Italy. We count ourselves fortunate to be able to offer you this DVD, which includes not only the Sonambients documentary, but the full Bertoia interview footage. Sonambients will be available to the public for the first time since the 1970s. 

Anyone who owns a Sonambient sculpture will want these films to complement their collection. A portion of the profits will be donated to the Foundation (HarryBertoia Foundation, 501(c) (3)). 

Exclusively offered to our Bertoia fans first; you can soon purchase one of the limited edition DVD sets for $100 each which will include: 

 · 16-minute documentary including Harry Bertoia in the Sonambient Barn
 · 20-minute full interview with Harry Bertoia in the Sonambient Barn (exclusive, unreleased footage)
 · A physical piece of the original 16mm film 
 · Booklet describing the filming process and expanding on Harry’s thoughts about his work
 · Previously unreleased color photographs of the shooting of the film

The Sonambient Barn Collection
Photo from, via John Brien, Important Records 

The search for an American public home for the majority of the Sonambient Barn Collection is moving along smoothly. While details cannot be revealed at this time, just know that sometime in the not-too-distant future the collection will be available to the public as never before! 

In the mean time, browse the November 16th masterworks sale from Sotheby's, which featured "some of the most important works by the artist to ever come to market."

Twenty-eight lots sold for over $3.5 million, and one highlight, a huge bush sculpture, went for over $500,000


Celia's September Florida circuit included West Palm Coast and Knoll Miami (before Hurricane Matthew), along with Celia’s attendance of the ASA appraisal conference in Boca Raton. The Miami area is a hotbed of mid-century modern design, with numerous Bertoia collectors. 

An October presentation at Woodmere Art Museum celebrating the arrival of the monumental fountain sculpture drew a larger than usual crowd in their round room. When I asked how many folks in the audience owned a Bertoia, about half of the hands shot up!

A Tucson lecture at AZ Modern in October attracted the mid-century modern crowd of southern Arizona. 


The Museum of Fine Arts Boston is showing their latest Bertoia acquisition, a beautiful Sonambient sculpture, along with a reproduction Table Tonal that can be played, from November (now) through May 2017. Click below for more:

The Kohler Arts Center in Sheboygan, Wisconsin (about an hour from Milwaukee) is exhibiting Bertoia monotypes along with the musically oriented collection of Emery Blagdon’s Healing Machines. Starting in January for just one month, Kohler will also have a few tonal sculptures which the public will be permitted to play. 

The Bechtler Museum in North Carolina currently has Bertoia jewelry and monotypes up until January 8, 2017.

We thank all of you for your support and enthusiasm for Bertoia. We wish you a fabulous holiday season!

Happy Holidays!