A new trend of development

By the end of 2016, Taiyuan replace more than 8,000 taxis with pure electrical ones. It's the first city in China whose taxis are all electrical

The electrical taxi, Taiyuan
The electrical taxi, Taiyuan

Shanxi is a heavy industrialized province with lots of pollution problems. In order to control the pollution effectively and improve the ecological environment, the government started to replace all the old taxis into pure electrical ones.

As the air pollution is getting heavier, Shanxi government started to take a series of measures. Instead of using the petrol or gas which are not environmental friendly, the government supported the idea of green transportation, in order to balance environmental protection, advanced energy and economic development.

It is a new trend of development The taxi drivers wonder if their income will change due to this issue

The electrical taxi, Taiyuan

It is a new trend of development. The government on one hand is concerned about the improvement of the environment brought by the new taxis. The taxi drivers wonder if their income will change due to this issue, because using electricity is cheaper than gas. Driving the electrical vehicle it's also easier than traditional ones, because of the automatic system.

The electrical taxis in Taiyuan

The new electrical taxi’s brand is BYD E6, with the feature of "zero emission, zero pollution". In order to satisfy the demand of electricity, Taiyuan has already built more than 3000 charging piles for electrical taxis. The charging piles play a positive role in promoting the development of electrical cars industry.

The Yuan Ye new energy vehicle’s company was established on June 17, 2015 in Taiyuan. The company's business scope includes vehicle’s technology research, production and sales. “Now the new energy vehicle market is very fierce. At present, China has the highest share in the number of energy vehicle in the world. Yuan Ye now expanded to several counties near Taiyuan city. The transportation companies in these counties all use our vehicles and their response is relatively good” said Fu Liang, manager of the company. “The support of the government is relatively strong. Nowadays, in addition to taxis, the company also produce electrical buses and logistics vehicles”, he added.

In his opinion however, the long-term development of the new energy vehicles has two bottlenecks. One is the battery mileage that is relatively short. Differently from the traditional vehicles that can rely on a lot of gas station, electrical vehicle charging piles need to grow in number. In the whole country, the development of charging piles has been far away slower than the development of electrical vehicles, thus charging is still a bottleneck. To actually develop electrical vehicles, it’s essential to make effort to develop charging piles.

This trend is irreversible and inevitable

The moving vehicles,Taiyuan

Wang Zhifu, professor at the Beijing Institute of Technology university, working in National Laboratory of Electrical Vehicles, added "The development of new energy vehicles, especially the pure electrical ones, is obvious in China, as the country is facing a general problem with air pollution." This trend is irreversible and inevitable. The main brands such as Toyota, General Motors are aiming to develop different varieties of the same platform. They are giving more choices to customers to fit their needs. This is the consensus of all the main companies of vehicles.

The traffic, Taiyuan

Lead by government and enterprises, and with the support of a growing market, the goal of changing the entire taxi fleet into an electrical one has now being completed. In a country like China, electrical taxis are a solution to be pursued.