Rising Powers 

Interdependent Futures

China, India, Brazil, South Africa, and Russia -  the Rising Powers - are key drivers of global economic and social change.

Here we look at 'Rising Powers and Interdependent Futures' - an international network of 12 research projects funded by the ESRC which explored ongoing changes within the Rising Powers as well as their impact on other countries, including the UK...

View the Policy Briefing here for an overview of key findings and highlights across all Rising Powers research projects...

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Read more about the findings and our Policy Briefs featuring key highlights at www.risingpowers.net

Overarching Policy Brief

Chinese Dams Go Global Policy Brief 

China and Brazil in African Agriculture Policy Brief 
-  IDS & Future Agricultures

Global Labour Standards Policy Brief
- The University of Manchester

Lowering Emissions Policy Brief
- IDS & Durham University