Strategic Funding Group 

April 2017

Last year we were delighted to partner with the Environmental Funders Network for the first time for an environmental-focused SFG, raising over £46,000 for three organisations 

Legal Response Initiative raised over £11,000, which was matched by CDKN, to pilot the development of pro-poor, equitable climate legislation that protects human rights and livelihoods in sub-Saharan Africa

They held workshops in four different cities in Cameroon, inviting 78 representatives from NGOs, climate change affected groups and indigenous peoples to share their views on priority areas for legislative initiatives on climate change in Cameroon

This consultation process lead to increased national awareness, through press coverage, of the need for legislative responses to climate change. 

A round-table dialogue between the government, lawyers and civil society stakeholders will conclude the pilot and to identify concrete legislative for climate change adaption, to take place later in the year because of current unrest in Cameroon.

Hubbub raised almost £20,000 with an aim of establishing 30 community fridges to support 300 voluntary groups and 1,500 families

Within the first 12 months, Hubbub have supported the establishment of 32 community fridges, and are on track to reach 50 by the end of summer. In a year these fridges will have been visited by 52,600 people and reduced food waste by 200 tonnes

Preventable Surprises raised over £14,000 to focus EU investors on what they could do to tackle the serious contribution from EU energy utility companies to global greenhouse gases, and to set a global benchmark

Preventable Surprises had some challenges: once they started their outreach, they found there was less appetite than anticipated to tackle the issue

So they made some changes to their approach. They had articles published in the  FT and  IPE in which they were much more explicit about the gap between the walk and talk of ESG investors. Their goal to reach more like-minded investors ESG professionals is working, with good LinkedIn engagement, hosting a webinar series with Responsible Investor and their Chair being voted number 7 in a recent Extel survey for 'most positive contribution'

To read all the impact reports in full, click here on our website and search for the organisation. 

We're pleased to be working with EFN again June and look forward to supporting more environmental projects with them!