TFN London

January 2017 

Goodman Derrick hosted us for live crowdfunding in January 2017, and our members put forward four diverse organisations, each pitching for £6,000 to develop their projects. 

Settle pitched first, raising £10,198 to prevent vulnerable young people from becoming homeless by supporting them to live independently

In 2017/18, Settle is projected to work with 80 young people, surpassing their objective of 65. They are delivering one-to-one sessions to young people living alone for the first time to manage their money, health and homes. 

Since pitching at TFN, Settle has hired two Programme Officers to deliver their services and has secured a contract with a housing association to support 100 vulnerable young people across London

Educating the Children raised £8,549 to build this dormitory at Sekenani Girls' School in Kenya. 
The dormitory is equipped with 60 beds and currently houses 56 girls. 
It provides full boarding accommodation for the full four years of Kenyan secondary education. 

The girls now living at the school are being kept safe from FGM, child marriage and early pregnancies and are happy to be learning. 

"I feel safe. I can sleep and work here"
A new student at the school

Music in Detention's pitch raised £7,252 to develop participatory music sessions for immigration detainees and marginalised groups in Portland and Weymouth, Dorset

They delivered 20 workshops, exchanging music from different cultures and creating original music. The immigration detainees collaborated with participants from the nearby Islanders Youth Club.

The sessions helped to improve the wellbeing and personal potential of the detainees and the young people taking part. 
They also increased empathy and understanding amongst the young people. The local young people from Portland found it a valuable experience to meet new people and explore new cultures. 

The final pitch was from Whole Child International. They raised £10,470 to improve the quality of care in orphanages across the world. 

Their intervention in El Salvador was already making a significant impact on children's lives, but Whole Child International wanted to use their work to change the larger culture of care well beyond the countries they serve

Our funding enabled Whole Child International to present at key conferences including the UNICEF Advisory Board for Children and the Global Philanthropy Forum. 
They chose conferences were they could have the widest impact and maximise the reach of their work. 
"Thanks to TFN, we were able to provide considerable knowledge and perspective to our field in 2017."
Karen Spencer, CEO

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