TFN Film event

July 2016 impact report

TFN members came together to support four projects using film to drive social change. One year on, we're pleased to say it was a success! Keep scrolling to find out how your money helped them.

The Syria Campaign pitched to run a social action campaign around their documentary 'The White Helmets'

They raised £7,750. 

This enabled them to secure media interviews for the White Helmets and to organise advocacy screenings with key policymakers at UK Parliament, US Congress and the United Nations...

...and it won an Oscar in 2017.

Notes on Blindness' pitch raised £6,100

Which helped them to ensure that Notes on Blindness was the most accessible film ever produced for a visually impaired audience - 4 alternative soundtracks were produced which meant audio experiences could be offered to people from across the spectrum of sight loss conditions.

"What is revolutionary about Notes on Blindness is having alternatives in terms of provision, so it is not one-size-fits-all" 
Dr Louise Fryer, expert in audio description

Lensational pitched to launch a video journalism project

With £6,000...

...they helped daughters of Bangladeshi garment factory workers to make a film using iPods.

The film focuses on how the factory affects their relationships with their mothers and how it shapes their lives. It advocates for corporations to improve the welfare of their vulnerable workers and their families. Watch the trailer:

Seven Songs for a Long Life made the final pitch

They aimed to use their film to begin conversations around end of life care at workshops in hospices, schools, universities and hospitals. 

£6,100 from TFN enabled part of their work developing workshops with educational institutions and with Healthcare Improvement Scotland...

...which lead to 300 GP surgeries 'prescribing' the film to 15,000 patients

Thank you for helping us collectively raise over £25,000. 
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