Strategic Funding Group

October 2016

In October 2016 our Strategic Funding Group (SFG) were kindly hosted by a TFN member in her home. SFG provides transformational second-stage funding to organisations that have previously pitched at TFN. 

Friends of Kipkelion pitched to expand their Healthy Villages programme out of Kenya for the first time, into Uganda

They are now working in 4 pilot villages in Uganda, with 40 households actively involved in the project

£14,000 allowed them to work directly with 790 people in the villages, and improve lives for all 2,448 people from the 4 villages:

5 workshops covering disease prevention, hygiene and organising village health committees were held 

10 local people have been trained to install smokeless stoves

Household latrine coverage has increased from 35% to 75%

And 100% of the pilot households now use mosquito nets 

Startuponline pitched to develop by reducing their operational costs and expand their team. They raised over £21,000

They were able to hire a Training Director to develop programmes targeting the specific needs of the young women already supported

In 2017 they worked with over 200 women, delivering employability training to women living in hostels in the Thames Valley. 148 of these women have developed business plans or are interviewing for jobs and further education

15 of these women are already in education or employment

Street Soccer Northern Ireland raised over £14,000 to develop the first homeless women's football project in Northern Ireland

Since receiving funding, they've held a weekly game and formed an 11 a-side team playing regular friendly matches throughout the year

The project has improved self-esteem and motivation for the women taking part, as well as helping them to work within a team and form friendships. 

7 players went to Norway for the Homeless World Cup - they received 3 months of support around housing employment and mental health

One player from the Homeless World Cup team was homeless for two years. after returning from Norway, she was able to move into her own home, is working towards gaining employment and now volunteers with Street Soccer NI

Thank you for joining us in supporting Friends of Kipkelion, Startuponline and Street Soccer NI

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