In June 2017 we held the second Herts TFN event, with four organisations raising over £3,000 each for their social change projects

ActOne ArtsBase worked with 19 trainees with disabilities who planned a dance tour to showcase their talents across Hertfordshire 

The process helped the trainees to learn about design processes, how to best communicate their thoughts and ideas to others and to embrace constructive criticism

The trainees participated in workshops to understand personal safety while on tour as well as body language sessions which looked at how they might encourage other young people with learning disabilities to join in 

The project improved self-confidence for trainees, allowing them to establish assertiveness in group situations and to develop project management, negotiation and design skills

The Gifted worked with 128 vulnerable and disadvantaged girls and young women to tackle the root causes of their social problems and enable them to learn new skills and increase their confidence

The Gifted worked with girls and young women in different settings across Hertfordshire, including schools and colleges, pupil referral units, residential homes, youth centres and youth offending services

Almost all participants reported that the workshops strengthened their self-esteem, felt excited about their futures, felt confident about their bodies, felt prepared to deal with the pressures of life and felt comfortable asking for help 

CHIPS was able to hire a part-time Volunteer Coordinator. This has increased volunteer numbers from 50 to 75, and has meant CHIPS has been able to take on 30 more children on to their play schemes

The increase in volunteers has allowed CHIPS to plan more trips, such as to the seaside and to swimming pools. They're also able to offer more one-to-one time where more supervision is required 

Resolve has been able to increase the amount of people with high demand drug and alcohol issues they can support through their programme

The increase in people supported means has been able to support a growing range of people from different backgrounds, in particular people who are homeless

Through Resolve's support, one man who was homeless was able to use the Resolve office as a 'care-of' address while living in sheltered accommodation, and is now working and living independently

Thanks for coming together to raise over £12,000! We'll be back for another Herts TFN on 13 September, this time at the brand new St Albans Museum + Gallery!