TFN London

December 2016

On 1st December 2016 we were hosted by Macquarie for our annual festive live crowdfunding, raising over £45,000. Find out how the projects have used it to transform lives: 

The Listening Place aimed to support more suicidal people by opening a third day of the week, recruiting 30 new volunteers and establishing a wider network of London partners  

With TFN funding they were able to open 5 days a week, supporting 200 people per week for an average of 6 months, and gave recruited a further 100 volunteers. 

They've also extended their network from 12 to 34 partners, including NHS units and the British Red Cross, and now receive referrals from almost all London boroughs

TFN funding of over £12,000 was The Listening Place's first significant grant, and has helped them to win a further £28,000 from The Maudsley Charity and Hestia 

The GravityLight Foundation pitched to provide families living off-grid in Kenya with equipment using gravity to create light

The £10,000 they raised was matched by the SPRING Accelerator, DOEN and Comic Relief, and they have been able to provide 2,200 people with light

The lights have improved lives: one man is able to safely roast more peanuts at home, to sell the next day, and his son has enough light to read and study in the evening 

The Student View pitched to deliver a Lewisham Action Group to train 60 disadvantaged young people as journalists, publishing their work online

They raised over £11,000 which allowed them to work with 105 young people from 6 schools in Lewisham. 90% of those young people said they could now write to a higher standard

As a result of pitching at TFN, The Student View has received a further £24,000 in grants, and has been able to host a fundraiser at Macquarie

Refugee Support Europe pitched to provide additional food and other essential items to refugees living in two camps in Greece

The £14,000 that they raised allowed them to provide 2,000 refugees with food

They opened a mini market and boutiques where residents use tokens to buy what they need, as well as a community kitchen offering 200-400 hot Syrian meals each day

Thank you for helping to support these organisations. To come to more events and help more social change projects, click here