TFN & Charity Clarity

February 2017

In February 2017 we partnered with Charity Clarity to hear pitches from four winners of the 2016 Asian Voice Charity Awards

Magic Bus raised £1,318 to support teenage girls in London who are at risk of exclusion from school. They ran weekly after school sessions for 20 girls

The girls took part in physical activities in order to learn key life skills. They were able to talk about issues affecting them such as body image and healthy relationships. 

There was a noticeable change in the girls who attended the sessions, demonstrated by a reduction in detentions, fewer conflicts with teachers and increased self-confidence.

My Life Films raised £1,433 to create 3 film packages to improve the quality of life for 3 people living with dementia. 

The films feature images, music and people from a person's life, providing a  way for dementia sufferers to reminisce positively about their lives

The films are an effective therapeutic tool that calm people down when they are anxious, give them joy when they feel sad and help them to recover from low moods. The films have given people the confidence to socialise more and have helped isolated beneficiaries to reconnect with the wider community.

Shanti Life pitched to improve lives for vulnerable women in India by enabling them to achieve secure livelihoods and enhance their personal safety.  

They raised £1,468 which allowed them to build toilets for women in a rural village, allowing them to safely access sanitation

Polio Children pitched to build a 20-bed hostel in Kwa Mkono, Tanzania, enabling children with polio and other neuro muscular diseases to access education. 

They raised £2,983 which contributed to the building of the hostel. Furniture has been made to accommodate at least 10 girls and 10 boys, who will move into the hostel shortly

The hostel can house up to 35 children, and demand has been high, so Polio Children expect to house and educate the full 35 children rather than the 20 they originally expected to support. This will be the first time these children have attended school. 

Thank you for helping us support Magic Bus, My Life Films, Shanti Life and Polio Children! If you'd like to join us for another live crowdfunding event, see our upcoming events here.