TFN Herts

September 2016 impact report

In September 2016 we held our first ever TFN Herts event. Hosted at the Verulamium Museum in St Albans, we supported four local non-profits. Find out what your donations allowed them to do: 

Mind in Mid Herts pitched to develop two courses: 'mindfulness for daily living' and 'building resilience and courage'

They have delivered three lunchtime workshops, targeted at working people in St Albans, to 36 people, and ran a stall in St Albans during Mental Health Awareness week. 

Following the success of these workshops, Mind in Mid Herts are developing the two courses for which they have commissioned a qualified Mindfulness practitioner. 

Young People's Puppet Theatre pitched to fund an administrator to help the charity to develop

The administrator allowed Young People's Puppet Theatre to develop their activities, and in the 2016/17 academic year they reached over 300 children directly. 

Additionally, as a result of meeting a Trust at our event, they were able to secure a £6,000 grant to run a project at the St Albans Festival. 

The OLLIE Foundation pitched to deliver sessions around the topic of suicide and to improve accessibility of help to vulnerable young people

They ran 3 sessions to 76 people - one to professionals working with young people, and two to young people directly. 

They also recruited new volunteers for fundraising events and support sessions as a result of presenting at TFN Herts.

Transition St Albans pitched for funding to run a 12 month events programme to local residents, and to run two food waste challenges 

Since the beginning of the year, they have run various events, including Electric Bike Day, screening films as part of St Albans Film Festival and working with the council to run part of St Albans Food Festival, focusing on eating sustainably. 

They also ran three food waste challenges. This engaged dozens of local residents, 15 schools and several local businesses, encouraging them to cut food waste and donate any money saved to a food bank. 

Thank you for joining us at the first TFN Herts and for helping us to raise over £11,000!

Find out more about our regional events across the country online and watch a short film from the event here: