Cazenove Young Investors Day

August 2016 impact report

On 24th August 2016 we were invited to Cazenove's Young Investors Day to showcase some great non-profits to Cazenove's young clients and to host a live crowdfunding session. We've received the impact reports from Team Up, KickStart Ghana and Forty Hall Community Vineyard and we're proud to tell you what they have achieved with your funding. 

Team Up pitched for funding to extend their tuition programme

Team Up tutors worked with 20 young people on this project, of which 79% were not on track to reach their target grades.

By the end of the programme, all students were on track to reach their target grade.
Team Up participants also made double the average rate of academic progress in Maths and English. 

KickStart Ghana pitched to increase their number of volunteers

They wanted to grow the number of Ghanaian volunteers who coach football teams, coordinate summer schools and run reading clubs.

This has further supported education and sport in the Volta region, as well as offering more Ghanaians the opportunity to have a stake in positive change in their communities.

Forty Hall Vineyard pitched to extend their ecotherapy programme and to develop outreach around it.  

They were able to add 10 extra ecotherapy sessions, supporting 65 more people affected by mental health problems, and they connected with local mental health services to advocate for the programme.

They also launched a volunteer-led social lunch club using the farm's organic vegetables. 

Thank you for taking part in supporting three impressive projects - we hope you enjoyed it and would like to join us for more live crowdfunding for social change. We'll be at Macquarie Bank on 7 December for festive funding - please contact if you would like to come. 

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