Oxford Gives 

May 2017 

In May 2017 we hosted our 10th Oxford Gives event, sponsored by Rathbone Greenbank. To celebrate 10 years of Oxford Gives, we held a photo exhibition of the event of some of the projects in action that we have supported:

Then we got onto the pitches! Four organisations working locally each pitched for £4,000:

SAFE! raised £4,278 to develop their project to provide one-to-one and group support to parents of young people affected by crime

Since May 2017 they have provided 90 hours of support to 23 parents. They held one-to-one sessions for most parents, but SAFE! are also developing parent mentoring support provided by parent volunteers who have already benefited from SAFE!'s work. 

SAFE! has also been able to set up a second parent peer support group in Abingdon, due to begin in April and to run monthly meetings. 

Parents have reported an increase in their ability to support their children with their experiences as well as improvements in their own wellbeing.

"The knowledgeable, skilled and patient approach taken with my daughter and the compassionate, timely approach taken in my support made me feel like somebody really 'got it' in terms of the distress and hurt caused by a traumatic situation" 

The Porch raised £4,532 to fund the Stepping Forward Project, finding work or volunteering opportunities for homeless or vulnerably housed people

The Porch were able to recruit a Job Coach, working for two days a week to manage the project. They provided vocational skills training, as well as professional and emotional development support. Activities covered include CV writing, job search help and interview preparation.

The project has supported 8 people to find jobs at places like M&S and building sites, or volunteering opportunities at the Refresh Cafe in Oxford. Other people have been supported in completing food and hygiene courses, fork lift training courses and applying for a driving licence. Bruce, who was recruited by M&S, is also now renting a room in a shared home.

Home-Start Oxford's pitch raised £5,191 to pilot a tailored support programme to families who have experienced domestic abuse

6 parents and 13 children have been supported by weekly visits from a Support Worker to help with a range of identified needs such as improving physical and mental health, children's behavioural management, household management and reducing isolation. Assessments at 3 month intervals demonstrated improvements in all areas, and 5 of the parents remain separated from their abusive partners. 

Children who were displaying challenging behaviour are much calmer and happier,  responding to new parenting strategies. With increased confidence to cope, parents have healthier relationships and are able to enjoy being together.

Windrush Bike Project raised £4,694 to support people who are out of work or experiencing poor mental or physical health, to acquire new skills in a professional environment

24 people have completed 700 hours of volunteering time, working on repairing old bikes for their own use or for sale, in a safe and therapeutic space

"It benefits my mental wellbeing. Working with my hands is psychologically important to me as it helps to make some of my other stress easier. I've seen people so grateful for what seems a simple task for me. It's very rewarding. I get to learn from mechanics and to share my experience."
2017 volunteer 

Open bike workshops are a new concept in Witney, and Windrush Bike Project has helped the community to learn new skills and come together as a community. 

They have also developed a formal agreement with a recycling centre to take old bikes to refurbish and sell at prices that people on low incomes can afford. So far Windrush Bike Project has saved 440kg of bike from going to scrap. 

Thank you for helping us raise over £18,000! If you'd like to join us at Oxford Gives 2018, put 17 May in your diaries! 

We'll be at Jesus College Ship Street Centre again, supporting four more new social change projects. Tickets are £5 and you can book them now