The Multiplier

June 2017

In June 2017 we partnered with BeyondMe for The Multiplier, our live crowdfunding event supporting the organisations BeyondMe work with. Together, we raised over £10,000 for three organisations. 

Right to Succeed raised over £3,100 to build a new website to increase their ability to address educational inequality in UK secondary schools

Right to Succeed has rewritten their narrative, started a re-branding process, developed infographics and are working on a learning report to express recommendations to stakeholders following their pilot period

They have begun work with an agency to develop a new website. Delays in the trademarking process has meant that the website will not be launched until December 2018, after which Right to Succeed will provide a full impact report 

Arukah Network (formerly Community Health Global Network) raised over £4,000 to pilot a leadership development programme in Freetown, Sierra Leone

Arukah Network have formed a team of 25 people to come together to bring health and wellbeing to the community. Their training has focused on community advocacy and helping people to lead from their values and strengths. They worked with a well-known Sierra Leonean community leader and playwright, who delivered a session of leadership through storytelling

The success of this pilot has lead to Arukah Network developing further training offers as well as an ongoing mentoring scheme

Streatham Youth and Community Trust (SYCT) raised over £3,100 to open the Forest School Nursery to support parents and allow children to learn in a fun and safe environment

SYCT has been given the green light to open up the Forest School Nursery in Autumn 2018 to support families and children. 

Thank you from Right to Succeed, Arukah Network, and Streatham Youth and Community Trust