The Multiplier

2016 impact report 

In September 2016 the City Funding Network teamed up with BeyondMe for the first time to host The Multiplier. A year later, we're really happy to see that the almost £19,000 we raised together has had a huge impact on the three projects that pitched:

South London Cares pitched with their BeyondMe Deloitte team to fund their Winter Wellbeing project - a community outreach project to ensure that older people in Southwark and Lambeth are keeping warm, active and connected during winter.

They raised over £6,000 which helped the Winter Wellbeing project to reach at least 1,280 older people during the winter period. 

South London Cares had 1,280 conversations with older neighbours, connecting them to services and people around them...

...and they delivered 88 blankets and warm items of clothing, as well as making 20 small grants to older people who were making a daily choice between eating or heating.

Maternity Worlwide pitched with their BeyondMe PwC team to pilot their 'Home to Hospital Tracking' project in Ethiopia. 

The project explores the causes of the delays faced by pregnant women in reaching care. This will be carried out by 'tracking' patients' journeys from their homes to where they give birth, using barcode technology incorporated into bracelets. 

The pilot has not been completed yet, but Maternity Worldwide can report that they have formed the team to work on the project, and made an agreement with St Paul's Hospital in Addis Ababa as their pilot hospital. 

They have also carried out strategic and feasibility studies. They are now beginning the pilot and look forward to updating you in early 2018. 

With their BeyondMe PwC team, Book Clubs in Schools raised over £6,000 to continue running book clubs in 7 schools and expanded into 3 more. 

They were able to expand out of London and are now operating in Stockport, Bournemouth and Poole as well. 

The book clubs are also peer-to-peer mentoring programmes. In the 10 schools, 413 year 7 students and 82 older students have benefited from Book Clubs in Schools.

Pitching at The Multiplier led to their PwC team working with them for another year, and a Senior Partner joined their Advisory Board. They were also able to leverage further grants from IPSOS and AKO Foundations.

Book Clubs in Schools were also able to take 42 students to see A Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time at a London theatre, as a thank you for volunteering and to increase their cultural capital!

Thank you for being a part of our first Multiplier event with BeyondMe. We hope it inspired you and that you'd like to join us for more live crowdfunding. 

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