In March 2017 we were hosted by Funding Circle to support four organisations nominated by our dedicated members, as well as to celebrate our 15th birthday and to announce that we had raised £10million globally!

Action Through Enterprise pitched first for their project to provide free school meals to children in rural Ghana, encouraging them to access the free education provided by the government

They raised £5,780 which enabled them to provide free meals to 78 students at the Gombele Junior School for one year

The school population has risen by a third this year, but average attendance has stayed almost the same, and the biggest increase in students has been in boys aged 15+. These students are typically likely to drop out of school to work instead, but ATE's food programme has encouraged them to stay in school. 

Students' wellbeing has also improved. Measurements have shown increases in height, weight and BMI, as well as a reported increase in happiness of the girls in the programme. 

Asian Women's Resource Centre pitched to facilitate independence and integration for vulnerable BME women and girls experiencing domestic and sexual abuse in London

They raised £8,448 which supported the centre's core costs, sustaining their vital therapeutic and skills-based programmes:

They helped 140 women to increase their income and improve their access to health and social services. 

316 women developed practical skills and improved their self-confidence through becoming more independent. 

Their work improved the physical and emotional wellbeing of 129 women. 

Pitching at TFN helped the centre to develop. Their financial position has improved after leveraging a further £50,000 from Trust for London, and their pitch helped them to raise their social media profile

The PlettAid Foundation raised £8,259 to provide dignity in death for the sick, consolation for the bereaved and care for children for the Bitou community in South Africa

This allowed them to employ a dedicated social worker which has broadened the scope of psycho-social and palliative care that PlettAid offers. The social workers focuses on the physical aspects of care such as pain management for patients. In the past year, PlettAid has cared for 103 children. 

One child, La-eqa, received palliative care for her cancer. PlettAid taught her mother to treat La-eqa's wound dressing, manage her medication and access social welfare grants. They improved the quality of La-eqa's life through providing food and toys for her, and have since given bereavement play therapy to her sister, Le-zane. 

The Choir With No Name pitched to run 32 outreach singing workshops, take part in 4 community projects and to support 500 new people affected by homelessness and marginalisation

In the last 12 months they have hosted 45 outreach workshops, have taken part in 4 community workshops and have reached a total of 579 new people. 
The choir helped them to increase their confidence, make new friends and learn new skills

43% of participants felt the choir has helped them to take up volunteering or employment and to find secure housing.

TFN funding also supported London choir core costs, meaning they could continue to run their weekly choirs, followed by hot meal, in four locations.  

Pitching at TFN also helped the choir to leverage more support. They performed at an event for a TFN member, and one of our corporate members, Octopus Giving, has selected the Choir With No Name as their charity of the year for 2018

Thanks for joining us and helping us to raise over £35,000! You may have noticed we were filming the event. It was for our film introducing people to TFN, and you can watch it now!