TFN & Rainmaker Foundation:
Festive Fundraiser

January 2017

In January 2017 we partnered with the Rainmaker Foundation for their Festive Fundraiser, celebrating the graduates of their accelerator programme. 10 charities pitched under three themes, with each theme aiming to raise to £10,000. Let's see how they did: 


Orchid Project pitched to develop knowledge sharing workshops in Tanzania. 
In September 2017 14 participants from 7 organisations focused on ending Female Genital Cutting met for 4 days. 
The funding raised enabled the workshop facilitators to be trained, in addition to supporting network building, which is key to spreading the abandonment of FGC. 

Luminary Bakery provided employability training to 45 women who were furthest from the job market. 
88% of these women have moved into employment, further training or have started a business. 
Luminary Bakery's activities have empowered women in London to make positive changes for their future - impacting their own lives as well as their children's and peers'. 

Equal Community Foundation worked with 7 organisations in West Bengal, engaging men and boys in collectively working towards ending violence against women and girls in India.  
Working specifically with adolescents, ECF reached 2,946 boys and girls.

prisoners & ex-offendors

Centre for Criminal Appeals have presented fresh evidence to the CCRC on behalf of 10 prisoners. They garnered national broadcast media attention for their case, the 'Freshwater Five', which they are shortly taking to the Court of Appeal.
They helped launch the All Party Parliamentary Group on Miscarriages of Justice.

Spark Inside's coaching programme for young people in prison reached almost 300 young people in 9 prisons. 
Their workshops have increased officers' empathy as well as prisoners' pro-social behaviour. 
They worked with one prisoner, encouraging him to explore his love of cooking. Since his release, he's opened a vegan Caribbean pop-up restaurant. 

Working Chance brought 12 women together at weekly workshops for a period of 12 weeks. 
The women had recently left the criminal justice or care systems, and the workshops facilitated opportunities to form a supportive network. This helped them to develop social connections and to share tips on topics ranging from interview techniques to childcare issues.

children & young people

The Girls' Network supported 10 girls with a mentor for one academic year. The mentoring enabled the girls to improve their self-confidence, access new opportunities and be more ambitious for their futures.
All 10 girls were able to grow their networks of professional women and reported doing as well as they'd hoped, if not better, for their end of year academic results. trained 9 School Health Committees in Western Kenya, aiming to increase wellbeing and reduce barriers to learning for school children. 
Topics covered in the training ranged from sanitation and health to school infrastructure. 
Some committees have purchased new water tanks, and 4 have started building fences to protect the school grounds from wildlife.

Hull Children's University have extended their service to East Riding, Yorkshire. They've worked in 14 school, providing learning experiences, such as trips to London or visits to local businesses, to over 1,000 children who wouldn't have the opportunity. 
The East Riding Council has committed £15,000 to sustaining their work in the area for the next 12 months. 

Kent Refugee Action Network supported and offered transition access to education for 130 young refugees and asylum seekers. Most have these young people have now moved on to mainstream education in the UK. 

Thank you for joining The Funding Network and Rainmaker Foundation in celebrating and supporting their cohort of charities. Together we were able to beat all the targets and raise almost £40,000 for 10 incredible charities! If you'd like to get involved with more live crowdfunding, come to one of our upcoming events