Favorite Recent Photos

Trying my hand at Shorthand (the online format).  [Scroll down thru the story.]

I stumbled upon a fabulous story in BBC Travel online (copy link lower right) that was presented in an intriguing format.  I thought I would try it.

To do so I thought I'd share some recent photos I've taken.  This is Pikes Peak viewed thru a 200mm lens some 50 miles NNE of the peak.

There must be more formatting options, I just haven't found them.
Who doesn't like tulips?  They really shimmer in the sunlight.
And windmills.  I was in The Netherlands recently. (Blog link lower right.) Lots of windmills... and tulips.
"Since brevity is the soul of wit..." (Hamlet) and wit is the soul of... uhh... intelligence?  I leave you with this.  Adieu.
P.S.  I don't care for Tweeting.  I hope there is another way in the future.