New records of #invasive #parakeet hybrids in Spain 
An opportunity to apply the rapid response mechanism

European Journal of Ecology, 2016, 2(2), . 19-22.

Prevention, early warning and rapid response are the most effective measures in preventing the impacts of #invasive species. The Rose-ringed Parakeet Psittacula krameri, is an invasive species widely spread across Europe, including Spain. The Alexandrine Parakeet Psittacula eupatria is also an invasive species established in Europe, but not in Spain, although a species distribution model classified parts of Spain as 'highly suitable' and an invasion risk assessment predicted a ‘high risk of invasion’ in Europe.

Postigo, J. (2016). New records of invasive Parakeet hybrids in Spain. A great opportunity to apply the rapid response mechanism. European Journal of Ecology, 2(2), pp. 19-22. doi:10.1515/eje-2016-0013

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Authors see new records of #invasive #parakeets in Spain as an opportinity to apply the rapid response mechanism. They suggest to capture the hybrids to prevent further invasion and possible interaction with other invasive parakeets.

Large nests of Monk Parakeets in a stand of gum trees in Malaga Spain. Credit Snowmanradio, CC  BY-SA 2.0