Effect of cattle trampling on ground nesting #birds on #pastures: an experiment with artificial nests

European Journal of Ecology, 2015, 1(2), 5-11

In semi-natural #grassland, #nest trampling by cattle can have a strong effect on hatching success but the relationship linking cattle density, incubation time and nest survival has for now only been hypothesized.

Based on an experiment with artificial nests, the objective of the study was to test the theoretical model generally used to estimate nest survival. The results confirmed that trampling depended on stocking rates. It had a major effect on nest survival (32-85% of nests destroyed).

The theoretical model classically used by managers and modellers proved to be a good approximation of the dynamics of nest trampling.

Sabatier, R., Durant, D., Ferchichi, S., et al. (2016). Effect of cattle trampling on ground nesting birds on pastures: an experiment with artificial nests. European Journal of Ecology, 1(2), pp. 5-11. doi:10.1515/eje-2015-0012

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#Nest trampling has a major impact on nest survival in #pastures and the use of a classical theoretical model could help managers to define acceptable levels of cattle densities