My dad is a superhero

How a former Olympic swimmer helped a young father set up his own business 

A single dad has gained superhero status after he turned dressing up to entertain his young son into a successful business.

A chance meeting at Dale Grounds's local Jobcentre with former Olympic swimmer Grant Turner, an athlete mentor on the Get On Track Programme, helped Dale turn his life around.

Commonwealth Games silver medallist Grant saw Dale's potential and gave him the helping hand he needed to boost his confidence and succeed.

Get On Track is a 14-month community-based programme run by The Dame Kelly Holmes Trust, aimed at people aged 16-25.

Split into four stages, the programme is led by world-class athletes like Grant, who share their key behaviours and attitudes to help participants realise the skills they need to succeed.

"If I didn't meet Grant in the Jobcentre that day then I wouldn't be doing what I'm doing today"

Following praise from Grant for the work he did at home looking after his son, including dressing up as Spiderman to play together, Dale gained the confidence to host children's parties.

Dale dressed up as Spiderman to deliver Easter eggs at Nottingham Children's Hospital. The positive reaction gave him the push he needed to take the next step and set up a business to run parties for children.

"Dale just applied himself every single day on the project. And that is exactly why now he is so successful"

Without the Jobcentre, Dale may never have discovered the opportunity that the Dame Kelly Holmes Trust offers through Get On Track. 

Dale is now confident, motivated and the owner of a successful business.

The partnership between the trust and the network of Jobcentres continues to create employment opportunities that transform the lives of young people.

In the UK, some people – like single parents – face specific barriers to moving into work. The See Potential campaign seeks to show how a few simple changes to recruitment practices could make a difference to employers recruiting people from all kinds of backgrounds.

To find out how you can learn and develop key behaviours and skills to succeed, visit your local Jobcentre.