Angry Orchard

Just another happy customer.

Angry Orchard are the largest and leading cider producer in the United States. Part of the renowned Boston Beer Company, 'Angry' as they're affectionately known in the US cidermaking industry, recently built an incredible cider research and innovation centre in New York State. Angry's new centre also doubles up as a visitors centre with tours and tasting areas within the building, which is set in acres of apple orchard. When Angry Orchard were in the planning stages of their new facility, they heavily researched the market for the production equipment that best suited their research and innovation needs. 

They needed quality and reliable production equipment, that could be used to process large quantities of fruit, but at the same time would comfortably produce smaller amounts of juice for smaller cider batches. 

Angry's complete juicing line from Core Equipment

Angry's research naturally led them to contacting us at Core Equipment for their fruit handling, washing and pressing equipment. The KEB 400 belt press provided an ideal production rate for smaller batches of produce for the research and development facility. The press was linked with a fruit bin tipper, sorting conveyor, rolling brush washer, and washer-elevator mill to provide an excellent production line for the new R & I facility.

Core managed the entire process, from shipping and transportation to installation and equipment training. Our engineering team were on site for the install, and to guide Angry Orchard's cider makers through how the machines work together, and how to get them working as efficiently as possible.

The new pressing line in use

Angry Orchard's new production line from Core Equipment has added to the success of the new research and innovation centre. Enabling Angry's cidermakers to create exciting new blends in small batches, and experiment with different apple varieties for their ciders. The ease of use and fast cleaning times of their new production equipment from Core enables the cider makers at Angry to spend more time on the processes that matter the most such as fermentation control.

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