The Sound of the 
Voice of British Business

Across the UK, the CBI speaks on behalf of 190,000 businesses of all sizes

Our members wanted 
a permanent Annual Investment Allowance to invest for their future

We explained to Government, stakeholders and the media that our members wanted to see the Annual Investment Allowance made permanent from 2016. This would support their long-term investment, especially small and medium-sized firms.

John Cridland on the Annual Investment Allowance:

"Making the AIA permanent will help our businesses invest in new equipment to fully unlock their potential, especially when it comes to exporting British goods to high-growth markets. It could also add up to £1 billion to GDP by 2020."

George Osborne listened -
the AIA was made permanent in the Summer Budget

Our members wanted to see stability and clarity in Business Tax Policy

We made the case for a Business Tax Road Map that provided clarity on the full range of business taxes to spur on entrepreneurship

John Cridland on a Comprehensive Business Tax Road Map:

"Top of George Osborne's list should be creating stability and certainty that businesses crave. That means building on the gains made in the last Parliament by locking in responsibility from the very beginning.

“We're looking for detail on the fiscal rules the Chancellor intends to live by and progress on a comprehensive business tax roadmap, to remove complexities and ensure it doesn’t act as barrier to firms with ambitions to scale up."

The Government has
now committed to a
Business Tax Road Map
by April 2016

And a lower headline rate of Corporation Tax

Plus, Scottish councils have been given the power to cut business rates

Our members asked us to argue for infrastructure projects. We have spoken in the media and directly to decision makers

The Government has launched a National Infrastructure Commission

And we look forward to the decision on aviation capacity
by the end of 2015

Our members said that their staff's access to childcare was a concern

And we welcome the
Government following our proposal to extend
free childcare
to 30-hours a week