John Cridland at #CBI2015

Delivering his last speech as CBI Director General

We are today celebrating #CBI50 years of your CBI at #CBI2015

Doing today what it has always done – the Mission which is on the back of every CBI business card 

'Delivering prosperity for Britain'

This mission is set by the shareholders of the CBI #CBI2015

Through our grassroots parliament, the 800 entrepreneurs – mostly elected – who are our governing process and who give us our mandate

We were born in 1965.

Our voice became stronger in 1977 with the first CBI Conference, at which it was said: "The Government and the nation were living beyond their means. Enterprise was being strangled by bureaucracy. It had become vital to shift the balance back in favour of the wealth producing sectors."

And now at #CBI50, our mission is the same – what has changed is our confidence.

At last year's Conference, instead of worrying about the TSR2, we welcomed onto stage R2D2, celebrating our innovative, creative nation.

At #CBI2015 our theme is Global Ambition 
Britain means business

Building on the sound foundations 
of a broadly based recovery

There are four steps which are essential to 
'Delivering Prosperity for All'

1. 'Scoring Britain' 
building new National Champions
 so that we have the next 
Facebook built here

2. Getting education right first time

We need every business at #CBI2015 to get involved in your primary schools
We need better & earlier careers advice
We need multiple learning pathways

3. Resolving our European destiny outside of ever-closer Union

Most, but not all, businesses want to be in a reformed #EU but many issues need resolved to achieve this outcome

4. Business must be the
Consumers Champion

Most businesses are responsible & ethical, but business reputation is under challenge

That's why the 'Great Business Debate’ is so important @BizDebate

John Cridland at #CBI2015
"I have every confidence that 
we can achieve our Global Ambition 
and that we can move forward 
with confidence. 
Delivering prosperity for all."