#IndianBanquet 2015

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#UK has invested $22.2 billion in #India since 2000, 9% of all FDI. More than #US, #Japan and rest of #G20
- @CBItweets @UKTradeMinister

The UK has invested more than 30% of all investments made by G20 economies in India in that period...

...British companies in India are estimated to employ 691,000 people – through directly created jobs and joint ventures with Indian and other firms – representing 5.5% of the organised private sector workforce in the country.

Why is India an attractive place to invest? #IndianBanquet

What makes India an attractive placed to invest? #IndianBanquet

Now the UK and India are enjoying renewed business enthusiasm #Indianbanquet

UK & India are increasing trade and increasingly drawing on populations of talented and dynamic people. 

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17th September 2015

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