Why does business care about climate change?

The 'value at risk' cost of not acting could be over £4.5 trillion by the end of the century #BeyondParis

Supermarket @ASDA estimates that 95% of its supply chain could be at risk from changing weather patterns and increased extreme events

The UK's green economy has sales of over £120bn pounds a year

Between 2010 and 2013, the green economy grew at more than 7% a year

The Climate Change Act is a great example of how – by showing leadership in efforts for a global solution on climate change – the Government helped give business the certainty they need to invest.

#BeyondParis will be a crucial opportunity to take a truly global approach to climate change

First – a long-term foundation for reducing emissions, with agreement on how to ratchet up ambition on a regular basis.

Second – a commitment to driving forward carbon pricing around the world.

And third – a solution for making finance and innovation more accessible.

Politicians & negotiators should be confident that business is behind them #BeyondParis

Business needs confidence that #BeyondParis gives the long-term certainty they need to deliver. 

#BeyondParis - We can get the deal which business wants and the planet needs

Let's make this happen