A united business voice to support northern economic growth.

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The group will aim to provide ideas, challenge and support for the Government's Northern Powerhouse agenda. One of its first tasks will be to respond to the newly created Transport for the North proposals.

"Whether it's the Nissan plant in Sunderland producing more cars than the whole of Italy, a super-port in Liverpool attracting more than £1bn of investment or Manchester launching the first direct flights to China outside London – the North is home to many exciting developments."

.@Chris_Hearld KPMG
"For a number of months, in our conversations with those running businesses across the north, there has been consensus that the Northern Powerhouse is a business issue. The formation of #BusinessNorth now demonstrates the appetite of corporate leaders to speak with one voice at the heart of the debate about maximising the north's economic potential."
Chris Hearld, KPMG

"Our research has shown an unprecedented appetite amongst Northern businesses for the Northern Powerhouse agenda but also a frustration that to date the opportunities to get involved have been limited. Business investment in the North will be critical to its long-term success and at present the rate of Northern business investment in R&D is twice that of government."

David Brown, Transport for the North
"Central to the Northern Powerhouse vision is transforming the north's transport connectivity to create a unified, single economy. To achieve this, it is essential that the north’s transport network serves the needs of northern enterprise, connecting businesses, granting growing organisations access to a wide talent pool and allowing for the efficient movement of freight to make our region competitive on a global platform."

Vivian Hunt @McKinsey
"The regional economic disparities in the UK are widely known. Yet, the North is home to tremendous assets: world class universities and research; outstanding businesses and entrepreneurs; strong, diverse and complementary sectors; and ambitious civic leadership. The Business North initiative is a great opportunity to capitalise on these strengths and focus on the critical role of the private sector."

Add your voice to #BusinessNorth by signing up here http://news.cbi.org.uk/about/businessnorth/