Business leaders make the economic case to remain in EU ahead of #EUReferendum

80% of CBI members think being in EU is best for their business – ComRes survey

Andy Wood, Chief Executive, Adnams @AndyatAdnams

"As we look to expand our business and increase our exports abroad, remaining in the EU brings us the certainty we need. Selling our British beer to Europe easily through the EU single market, and our largest export market of Sweden, means we can continue to grow our 420 strong workforce back home."

Richard Carter, MD @BASF 

"BASF supports continued British membership of the EU. Both the UK and the EU benefit from a larger internal market. We particularly welcome UK support for the single market, international free trade, innovation, and policy based on scientific evidence." 

Keith Cochrane, CEO @WeirGroup

"To a truly global company like Weir, the EU delivers easy and guaranteed access to a market of over 500m people. At the same time, we benefit from its substantial weight in trade negotiations, helping British business succeed around the world. I fully support continued membership and would like to see the UK lead a reformed EU that seeks to deepen the single market even further."

Maria Ferraro, CFO @SiemensUKnews 

"The #singlemarket is extremely important for Siemens UK. Should #Brexit occur that creates the necessity to negotiate and being Canadian, I know it took seven years for Canada to negotiate their EU trade agreement. Investment wouldn't cease, but it would take time for stability to return and for the UK to be an attractive place to invest."

Mike Hawes @MikeHawesSMMT @SMMT

"The message from UK Automotive is clear – being in Europe is vital to the future of our industry to secure jobs, investment and growth. An independent survey of our members - large and small - confirmed the overwhelming view that remaining in Europe is best for their business, giving access to the single market, its skilled workforce and the ability to influence regulations. The sector is thriving, with record exports and new vehicle registrations and the highest manufacturing levels for a decade. Our members are clear that leaving Europe could jeopardise this success."

Raymond Acheson, Chief Executive @AchesonGlover 

"As a Northern Ireland based company, EU membership means our trade with Republic of Ireland customers operates without customs restrictions and with minimal compliance restrictions. As a result, we benefit from no EU tariffs, customs duties and border controls. In order to keep our prices competitive and grow our business, it is better for us to remain in the EU."

Raman Sehgal, MD @RamarketingPR 

"As a growing SME based in Newcastle, the logical first step out of Britain was into Europe for two reasons – firstly, we had a really strong niche in the pharmaceutical space, and secondly many of our clients have European interests. Creative and digital service industries like ours don't export in the traditional way that goods companies do - but we benefit just as much from EU membership and could be impacted badly by exit."

Patrick Doody, Henderson Group 

"The #EUsinglemarket means we are able to offer our customers more choice and a wider range of products, at a more competitive price. This is good for our customers and good for our business, and is why we support the United Kingdom remaining in the European Union"

James Bardrick, CEO @Citi Global Markets ltd

"Membership of the EU is one of the main reasons Citi's EMEA headquarters is in the UK. Being in the EU allows us to 'passport’ our financial services right across the single market, creating efficient access for our multinational clients operating throughout Union. Were the UK to leave the EU, many firms would probably have to rethink the way they do business, including whether to relocate certain activities."

Steve Sharratt OBE, Bio Group Limited

"If you aren't at the table, you don’t see the menu, let alone the food and #Brexit will push us further away from the table year on year. Influence is a factor of size and scale. Our low carbon and energy future is inextricably linked to being at the heart of Europe. On our own we cannot possibly hope to deliver what our future generations are entitled to. Brexit isn’t the answer – leading from the centre, writing the menu as well as dining from it, absolutely is." 

Vicky Lawton @vclawton @WarrenPartners

"As a leading executive search firm, our international and UK clients see us as a vital staging point to access talent across Europe. In addition to valuing the trade benefits which EU membership brings we support the mobility which it gives to our candidates. As we emerge from a period of economic fragility, ensuring the UK economy has the stability and certainty it needs is critical and that is why we support the UK remaining in the EU." 

Phil Wild, CEO @JamesCropper

"With around 20% of our trade in Europe, we are in favour of the UK remaining in the EU. The strength of the EU, having standardised regulations and our ability to trade freely supports our growth plans and job creation in the UK."

Paul Khan, President @Airbus UK

"The success of Airbus Group's operations in the UK depends on European industrial organisation and integration. If the UK exits the EU, there are likely to be significant changes to the regulatory and economic environment with subsequent impacts on our competitiveness. Though Airbus Group remains fully committed to its operations in the UK and to its employees here, we certainly hope the UK will choose to retain its EU membership which helps to ensure the continued long-term success of Airbus Group’s European industrial model."

Dr Alexander Moscho, CEO @BayerUKIreland

"We believe that Britain should remain in the EU. From the point of view of a Life Sciences company such as ourselves, membership guarantees stability. It has opened up a whole field of collaboration and funding which is accelerating breakthrough treatments in healthcare. It is also helping us identify new ways of tackling global issues such as food scarcity. We are concerned that a potential reduction in research funding or the administrative burden of duplicating medical regulations, could set the clock back significantly in some fundamental areas of science."

Paul Broadhurst @TechnetixGroup

"Technetix Group exports 80% of its sales revenue - a large proportion going to EU countries. My belief is that membership of a reformed EU is much better for us than a UK exit, which would lead to disruption of the business environment likely to last many years. If the UK was to leave the EU, Technetix could move headquarters to the Netherlands if needed, where we already have a major operation. This will be OK for us but that won't be good for UK plc."

Julian David @techUKCEO @TechUK

"Firms that do business in Europe see the benefit of being in Europe. The risk of leaving is that we lose control over rules that many tech businesses will still have to comply with. That is why the clear majority of techUK members have come out in support of remaining in the EU."