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CBI President at #CBI2015 @Drechsler_Paul

.@Drechsler_Paul has been the CBI President since the Summer of 2015. He has previously held roles with ICI and the Bibby Line Group. Read his full bio here

Last year the UK was the fastest growing economy in the G7 

This effort is driven by people, government and business

Firms of all sizes and sectors
Entrepreneurs, medium sized businesses & FTSE100s

2,000,000 more people are now employed in the private sector 
than before the recession

tax paid by firms last year

That is enough to cover all Government spending on schools and the NHS

Business plays a often unnoticed role in the community

Last year, nearly half of Barclays' workforce took part in Community Investment programmes – volunteering more than 400,000 hours. 

Their Armed Forces Employment and Resettlement programme has helped more than 3,500 service personnel. 

Teach First in partnership with Barclays provided 500 extra teachers to bridge the graduate skills gap in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

.@Drechsler_Paul on #AmbitionForAll #CBI2015

Millions of children in the UK are living in poverty

The only way to change this is making sure that every child, from every background, in every part of the UK gets a world-class education

More firms must build bridges between the classroom & the boardroom

Productivity is the 'magic ingredient' 

for improving living standards - spreading growth to all people, 
in all parts of the UK

Innovation is the beating heart of productivity but we are falling behind, ranking last in the G8 for Government R&D spending 

To become an "innovation leader", we will need to double Innovate UK's funding by the end of this parliament, with the ambition of tripling it in the longer-term.

We were delighted to hear the Chancellor commit to a National Infrastructure Commission

 The Commission is a chance to end the cycle of politicisation and procrastination that has plagued British infrastructure for decades

Britain needs that new runway,
 so let's 'get it built’

We should celebrate the fact that many of the world's best and brightest want to come here to study and put their skills at Britain’s service

Whilst there's no uniform view on the #EU, neither within the CBI, nor among the wider business community, the majority of CBI members want to remain in a reformed #EU

We're proud to represent businesses of all sizes and all sectors employing nearly
7 million people

 We know we have a legitimate right to speak out – loud and clear – on all the issues that matter to our members

 So let’s get back to the issues...

Europe is our passport
to a world of opportunity

'Sealing the deal' on all current negotiations would mean the EU and its trade deals would cover 88% of the UK’s global trade - from Tampa in the West to Tokyo in the East

There are people who 
make things happen… 
There are people who 
watch things happen… 
And there are people who 
wonder what happened." 
Jim Lovell,
astronaut and businessman

#CBI2015 @Drechsler_Paul

For me, leadership is all about
making things happen

And giving tomorrow's generation 
a better chance in life 
means making the right choices 
and taking the right action

#CBI2015 @Drechsler_Paul 
"Let's get ready to show the world  that Britain means business"

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