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Ahead of #CBICyber  find out more
about the threats to your business

Cyber-attacks are now endemic, but this doesn't mean your organisation is powerless. #CBICyber

In 2014...

81% of large businesses had a security breach

60% of small businesses had a security breach

These figures are going down now but the costs of it has doubled

£600,000 to £1,150,000 average costs to large businesses

£65,000 to £115,000 average costs to small businesses

58% of these were staff related breaches in large companies and 22% in small firms.

70% of firms kept cyber attacks under wraps -  
we only see the
tip of the iceberg #CBICyber

The way we do business now increases the risk. Companies now operate across borders, with dispersed supply chains. There is also a major shift in the way we share and store data.

A cyber-attack can have a major impact on investors, supply chain and customers. It can result in theft of money, trade secrets or your data. It can damage your reputation. It can also leave you unable to operate.

Cyber breach is a threat to your company's brand as well as IP and finances. 

It is for the board to protect it. #CBICyber.

3 points for a board to discuss

1. Cyber security risk assessment

2. Deciding how to manage those risks

3. Developing a contingency plan

Getting the basics right is critical. 

Accept that a breach will happen and make sure you're prepared. #CBICyber

3 steps to think about to become cyber secure

1. Identify value and assess the risk

2. Secure internal processes and behaviours

3. Correct software and technology

Secure your networks and critical information 
secure your reputation and your future success. #CBICyber.

For coverage of our cyber-security conference follow #CBICyber and for more information about the issues please read our briefing here