Meet the lesser known natural disasters...

Not just your ordinary earthquake!

When most people think of natural disasters the first things they think of are earthquakes, tsunamis or even volcanic eruptions.

While these events may grab all the headlines, there are other natural dangers out there that can be just as devastating.

In this report I will explain some of the lesser known types of natural disasters.

Water Devils and Waterspouts

Waterspouts are very wet storms which form over sea, unlike tornados which form over land.

They suck water up into the sky and cause a tornado shaped swirl of water to appear.

Water devils are similar to waterspouts, except water devils form over lakes.

Limnic Eruptions 
Wait for it...

Limnic eruptions (also known as Death Fog)  happen when carbon dioxide gas hidden under a lake explodes to the surface.

Scientists believe this is triggered by volcanic activity, earthquakes or explosions.

They are extremely rare and only two instances have been recorded.

The first happened in 1984 in...

... Lake Monoun, Cameroon

The second happened two years later, not far away at Lake Nyos, Cameroon.

Carbon Dioxide gas is invisible and when an eruption happens it is deadly for nearby creatures.

Lake Nyos suffocated 1,746 people in one night after the explosion in 1986.

Dust Devils

A dust devil is created when the sun heats up the ground in the desert causing sand to rise up in to the air like a whirlwind.

They can get up to 1500m high and 2km wide, but are mainly harmless.

They have even been spotted on Mars!